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Laptop is going to become a must-have technology for everyone particularly for those living in advanced, most developed countries. Therefore, we see a newer model from every laptop manufacturing company of the world after every couple of months that bring couple of additional features from the predecessor models. We have a good list of latest laptops with a variety of features but below list will combine only those that are recognized as best laptops at the moment.


Lenovo’s G770-10372KU

G770-10372KU is the second best product of Lenovo that came out in the market this year. This Lenovo product comes with 17.3 inches screen and Core I five processor brings it an extra-ordinary speed. It has a long-lasting battery time and even multifunctional tasks give you long battery timing as compare to other products, laptops in this list. It comes with 700 GB internal memory (really huge) that should be enough to store all your data.


Asus X54H – J317

Asus X54H – J317 is at No. 9. Though some of its users have a different opinion and they would definitely ant this product to be listed earlier in this list but in fact the expert opinion is a little bit different and they put it at No. 9. This is the only Asus product in this list of best laptops in the world at the moment. X54H comes with dual-core processor along with several notable features that should be the part of a third-generation laptop.


Pavilion DV6-6140us by HP

Pavilion DV6-6140us should be your only choice especially if you have decided to manage, organize all your media files at one place with excellence. This is an amazing product of HP that manages reaching 8th in this list. The most notable feature of Pavilion DV6 is the Beats audio system that would be loved by every music lover. The fifteen plus inches screen of this HP product makes it best for music lovers. Its internal memory comes with more than 600GB space (wow), while the internal RAM is 6GB.


Acer Aspire S5 (Thinnest Ultrabook)

Acer Aspire S5 is another best product, laptop introduced by Acer this year. This machine also earned a reputation of the thinnest Ultrabook of the year. This incredibly thin product of Acer Inc. is truly among light-weight laptops at the moment. It is even thinner than the top-rated MacBook Air (which is famous for its thinner model). But still a few flaws of Acer Aspire S5 brought its reputation down to No. 7 in this list.


Acer Aspire TimelineX AS1830T-6651

Aspire TimelineX AS1830T-6651 is an extra ordinary product of Acer introduced in 2012. This multi-featured product managed grabbing sixth position in this list. The best features of this product include its class appearance, weight, size and obviously its high-speed performance. You will have quite well audio comes out of this machine because of Dolby sound integration. It gives more than five hours battery time because of its powerful battery. It has 500GB internal memory and 4GB RAM.


Samsung Series 7 Gamer

Samsung Series 7 Gamer is at No. 5 in this list that has a fantastic screen. This fifth top-rated device is also equipped with number of additional features including a blazing processor, plenty of ports and extra ordinary graphics support. This is a perfect gaming machine as it is obvious with its name. The only bad factor of this machine to buy is its huge price because the machine is not worth of around USD $2,000, but still it is perfect for gamers and a best machine.


Lenovo Think Pad Model X120e

Lenovo Think Pad is amazing laptop series produced by Lenovo that brought this company in the list of top-rated laptop manufacturers of the world. This series though has its own image, repute and fame among global users but its X series particularly X120e is a marvelous machine, full of marvelous features. This 11-inch screen-sized machine comes with 4GB RAM and 320 GB internal memory. The fan in CPU, the camera and the dual core processors are its best features.


Apple MacBook Air

MacBook Air is an excellent product introduced by the Apple Inc. to the world, particularly the model they launched, released in summer 2012. This 13-inch laptop machine grabs third place in this list of excellent, extra ordinary laptops in the world at the moment. Every version of this product comes with gradual improvements from the predecessor but with relatively lowered prices to make it more demanding machine across the globe.


Dell Inspiron Duo

Dell Inspiron Duo is currently at No. 2 in this list being an extra ordinary machine that everyone would love to buy. This machine comes with 320GB internal memory (really huge and much needed as well) and 2GB RAM. It comes with a lot of amazing features that make it way to reach to second position in this list. Dell Inspiron Duo is said the best product produced by Dell ever. It comes with 1.3MP camera, 10.1-inch capacitive multitouch HD LED-backlit screen.


Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Do you think there is any other machine at the moment that can grab first position from Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display in this list? There is no match of this extra-ordinary product of Apple Inc. that combines an amazing screen with already acknowledged design of MacBook Air to give you a totally new feeling of a new machine of the company. This current, latest version of Apple MacBook products was released in June 2012.


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