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Is this the World’s most Expensive Laptop?


One Laptop that is way out of most peoples budgets is the Ego Bentley. The actual price range of the Ego Bentley is anywhere between $17,000 and $20,000 US Dollars. So what makes it so special..? Good question, its specs are good, yet do not answer the question.. I think the main reason is self image or Ego as the name suggests… As you can see from the images it is styled in a way like a handbag or briefcase, and comes in a wide range of colours to suit most peoples fashion Ideals. In a way this laptop is like the fashion girl or guys accessory..

The Specs of the Ego Bentley Laptop -

The general specs of the Ego Bentley are as follows below -

The Ego Bentley is equipped with a 64-bit version of Microsoft Vista Ultimate, a 160GB hard drive and is powered by 2GB of RAM. It runs a Mobile AMD Turion TM 64 processor. It has a sleek 12 inch screen which has 1280×800 resolution and the system has a fine selection of ports, 3 USB’s, video out, VGA port, microphone, headphones, web cam, Dvd player / Burner… And lastly a standard 801.11 a/b/g WLAN chip..

is this the world's most expensive laptop


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